CUET UG Result 2023 (Released): How to View Scorecard


The results for the NTA CUET 2023 have been officially announced. The National Testing Agency (NTA) has declared the results of the Common University Entrance Test for Undergraduate programs. Candidates who have appeared for the examination can now view their scorecards on the official website It’s worth noting that a staggering number of over 11.11 lakh candidates participated in the CUET.

In the CUET UG 2023, English emerged as the subject with the highest number of top scorers, followed closely by Biology and Economics. These subjects showcased remarkable performances from the candidates. It’s impressive to see the dedication and skills demonstrated by the students in these areas. English witnessed an extraordinary feat as 5,685 candidates achieved a remarkable score of 100 percent. In the field of Biology/Biotechnology/Biochemistry, an impressive number of 4,850 candidates secured the highest possible score. Following suit, Economics also saw a significant accomplishment with 2,836 candidates reaching remarkable scores.

These outstanding achievements showcase the dedication and excellence displayed by the candidates in their respective subjects. The comprehensive assessment of each candidate’s performance was carried out meticulously, leaving no stone unturned in evaluating their abilities and accomplishments has been conducted utilizing the equi-percentile approach, a method that calculates normalized scores by considering the percentiles of students within each group. This meticulous process ensures a fair and accurate assessment of each candidate’s performance.

By considering the relative performance of students in their respective groups, the equi-percentile method provides a standardized measure to determine the normalized marks for each candidate. It aims to create a level playing field and maintain consistency in evaluating the performance of candidates across different groups. The equi-percentile method adds objectivity and fairness to the assessment process, providing a reliable basis for evaluating the performance of candidates in their respective examinations. explained Sadhana Parashar, Senior Director of the National Testing Agency (NTA), in a statement to PTI.

This year, the examination period commenced on May 21 and concluded on June 23. Initially scheduled to end on May 31, the exams were extended due to the high number of registrations received.
On the date of June 29, the interim answer key was made available to the candidates for reference and review. However, after receiving feedback from numerous students regarding a substantial number of errors, the NTA took prompt action. On July 3, a revised provisional answer key was issued, with 333 questions being removed. Furthermore, the NTA has recently released another revised set of answer keys, omitting a total of 411 questions. This meticulous process ensures the accuracy and fairness of the evaluation. Notably, more than 14.99 lakh students registered for the examination, highlighting its significance and popularity among aspiring candidates. explained Sadhana Parashar, Senior Director of the National Testing Agency (NTA), in a statement to PTI.

NTA(National Testing Agency) CUET

About CUET

CUCET was established in 2010 to fill 1,500 spaces in 41 undergraduate, postgraduate, and integrated programs among seven central universities. CUCET-2010, which was held on June 19 and 20, 2010, at about 30 exam centers across the country, was used to complete out the application forms. CUCET was administered by the Rajasthan Central University for 12 central universities from its inception in 2010 till 2020. In 2021, the National Testing Agency took over the administration of these tests. CUET was implemented in 2022 as a modified form of CUCET, as part of the National Education Policy 2020, and became mandatory for all 43 central institutions.

Exam Pattern and Structure

All question papers are MCQ-based and divided into sections.

For UG Programs

Beginning in 2022, the CUET undergraduate examination will be divided into four sections: Section IA – 13 languages, Section IB – 19 languages, Section II – 27 domain-specific subjects, and Section III – General Examination.
The CUET-UG consists of a language test, domain-specific papers, and a general examination. Candidates can select up to two languages and six domain-specific subjects, or three languages and five domain-specific examinations.

The CUET entrance examination 2022 will now be held in two sessions. The first slot lasts 45 to 195 minutes, and the second lasts 45 to 225 minutes. CUET-UG 2023 was held in three 3-hour intervals


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